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Introduction to MetaFi

MetaFi is a seamless ecosystem for metaverse that provides essential tools and infrastructure that services blockchain project owners, investors and traders in one guild.
MetaFi is the all confining hub for booming metaverse and game finance. MetaFi is power-packed with incredible features such as MetaStore, MetaSport, MetaSwap, MetaTool, Auction house alongside an Incubator and Seed Sale Launchpad exclusively for metaverse and gaming projects or any project which can create an impact in the society, and hence supporting highly-vetted ideas reach crowdsourced funding, as well as helping them with community building, partnerships and strategic support; while providing an avenue for our community to get the tokens of upcoming blockchain metaverse and games before they get listed on exchanges.
The platform services blockchain metaverse and game project owners, investors and traders in one Guild. Through the revolutionary play-to-earn model, a completely new era is starting for the blockchain metaverse and gaming industry. Earlier people used to play games just for having fun whereas through the innovative play-to-earn model now gamers are starting to make money from time spent on games through earning in-game tokens. Not only for gamers, blockchain metaverse and gaming has also gained lot of attention from investors and traders and it has found many of them were involved in the Land sales, NFT & item sales and eventually they made financial benefits with it. The new forms of benefits blockchain brings to the table in the form of transparency, ownership, incentive models, and NFTs are groundbreaking adaptation for metaverse and games.
Metaverse and crypto both recognize utility of digital assets and the value of scarcity. MetaFi is pioneering a framework for blockchain metaverse and games. Crypto metaverse and games have earned recognition as some of the most profitable blockchain products. Metaverse, Gaming or any startups or projects with unique evolving idea can raise funds and list themselves on MetaFi’s interoperable and decentralized infrastructure. Most importantly, every facet on MetaFi is interlinked with each other eventually and that makes an all-in-one hub for the project owners, investors, traders, crypto enthusiast and whatsoever.